Tan Bridges TH1 model single system is durable, smoothly operated headless guitar bridges. It’s made of titanium, aerospace grade aluminum and solid brass.

Tan TH1 model set Prices:

6 string set: 238 $ +shipping *

7 string set: 259 $ +shipping *

8 string set: 280 $ +shipping *

Tan Bridges TT6 model improved tremolo parts are made from anodised aluminium. Reaches 40-45R hardness on surface in order to provide rich harmonics. Our target is durable and smooth turning, rich harmonics and long lasting headless hardware.

Tan TT6 model headless tremolo prices:

6 string trem: 351 $ +shipping *

7 string trem: 410 $ +shipping*

8 string trem: –(soon)

*shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order