Tan Bridges are made of titanium, aerospace grade aluminum and solid brass. It’s designed and produced for smooth operation, stable tuning and durability. Conventional headless bridges -which are available in the market- have friction problems due to string tension, string breaking problem. But with our innovative ball bearing design; we are able to solve that problem, and every single of the individual bridges are much more easier to turn so that you can spend less time for the tuning and more time for the playing the guitar itself. You can even use it with multiscale guitars due to it’s individual bridge pieces for every string design. It allows you to exactly place the bridge pieces wherever you want it on the body for the changing scale legth of every string. top locks are allowing you for mounting for any number of strings, as well as use for mixed scale guitars. Top locks are not sold separately, but included in the price of the bridges.

Our mission is quality materials and precision engineering for making durable and convenient guitar bridges. 

Headless guitar parts and solutions.

Light and smooth operation while tuned & turned.

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